Big·Deep Data


Quantative Data API

We collect and process various unstructured and structured data in the financial market, convert it into quantitative data, and provide it as a real-time API.


Early Warning System

We analyze big data gathered from the market, detect financial crises, and provide warnings and interpretations in advance.


Environment, Social, Governance

We provide performance indicators of corporate’s social value through data-driven quantitative evaluation.

Quantit is a fintech company that develops and operates AI platform solutions for investment and automatic management of securities and digital assets. Quantit provides big data-based AI solutions specialized in the financial sector. 

Quantit Co., Ltd. | Representative: Han Duck-Hee | Business registration number: 572-81-01333
Yeouido Fintech Lab (Room 118, 6th floor, O2 Tower, 83 Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07325)

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TRADING Technology


Order Management System

We offer OMS to manage order execution history in real time and block orders that exceeds permitted risk. 


Execution Management System

Our EMS monitors real-time market price changes during the day and uses AI Model to divide order quantity and adjust order timing so that orders can be executed at the optimal price.


High Frequency Trading

We provide HFT system and corresponding market-making and latency arbitrage strategy which responds to real-time price changes at the microsecond level and provides ultra-low-latency orders.


Global Asset Allocation

We provide a variety of strategic and tactical optimal global asset allocation portfolios based on domestic and foreign macroeconomic, market data, and unstructured data.

Market Anomaly / Factor

Based on components of Factor, Style, and Anomaly, we provide a Factor-tilted-portfolio operation model suitable for domestic and international market conditions

Custom Index Model

We offer customer specific model portfolios based on their ideas and requirements.



AI Investment Platform

Rabit is an AI-driven asset management service. Rabit bots manage digital assets based on signals generated by artificial intelligence optimized for the market. It is an artificial intelligence bot that works 24 hours a day, non-stop based on data and algorithms in a volatile market.



Programmable Investment Platform

Finter is a platform that researches, verifies, and provides various reliable financial AI models by collecting and structuring structured-unstructured big data.

Vaiv Company is a company that provides AI analytics and AI assistant solutions based on artificial intelligence and big data technologies. Quantit, a subsidiary of Vaiv Company, provides big data-based AI solutions specialized in the financial sector.